March 15, 2011

At the start of a song in our worship set Sunday morning, we began “Majesty” by singing three simple words:

Here I am…

I chuckled to myself a little bit as I sang it, though, not because there is anything inherently funny about the words, but for a different reason altogether.

As two latecomers dawdled down the aisle toward the front rows of chairs, one of them, with a cup of coffee in one hand, joyfully announced his presence with a wave of his other.

He was there. And he seemed to want God and everyone else to know it.

Linds told me that she was even tearing up a bit during worship just watching them.


Didn’t one of them hold up a peace sign instead of an outstretched palm? Yes.

Didn’t he fill a moment of quiet interlude with a startling “Praise the LORD?” Yes.

Wasn’t the lanky one playing air guitar most of the time during worship? Yes…but my goofy step-dad does that, too.

You see, that man and his friend live under a bridge. Literally.

A group of us visits them every Monday, giving them some hearty food and praying for their needs. Circling up around their tents before the sunlight fades away, we talk and laugh and pray.

Their home is situated beneath a busy overpass, in the shadow of a restaurant balcony where us rich folks nurse our gluttonous needs with $12.00 platters and take-out boxes.

As I’ve been thinking about it, I like more and more what Lindsey said: that she saw a child-like presence about those two as they played air guitar and sipped coffee. They don’t seem inundated with the “how-to’s” of how to use your hands in worship; they just seem to be themselves in what they do.

Do they really grasp the weight of what they’re singing? I have no way of knowing that. Half the time, I don’t really think we do ourselves.

But the song just seemed perfect for the moment:

Your grace has found me just as I am,

empty-handed but alive in Your hands…

Those men who sleep in tents underneath a bridge were there. And as I opened my eyes and saw them standing there, it just seemed right.


One Response to “Majesty”

  1. Tarah said

    I absolutely love that song for that reason. Here I am. Empty handed. God is amazing. They were there. 🙂

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